Our Principals


We are the Authorized Sales Representatives of Aurora Piping Products LLP for India and Overseas.

Aurora Piping Products LLP (APP) is a trading company which deals in Pipes, Pipe Fittings, Tubes, Flanges in both Seamless and Welded. APP stocks Pipes and Tubes in MS, CS, AS, and SS in Seamless as well as Welded in all grades at their 10,000.00 SQFT covered godown at Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai. APP is also the Authorized Dealer for Maharashtra Seamless Limited Pipes

APP sources pipes from domestic mills like Maharashtra Seamless Limited, Jindal Pipes, JR Seamless, etc. as well as international mills.

Aurora Piping Products LLP regularly supplies pipes to leading EPC companies. Aurora Piping Products is a professional company lead by highly educated and experienced professionals. We certainly believe that Aurora Piping Products will add value to your vendor base and supply chain.

Products Offered

  • Carbon Steel Seamless Pipe & Tubes
  • GI & MS ERW/HFIW Pipes
  • Carbon Steel Welded Pipe & Tubes
  • Spiral Welded Pipes
  • Stainless Steel Tubes
  • Boiler Tubes/ Air Heater Tubes


  • Alloy Steel Seamless Pipes
  • Heat Exchanger Tubes
  • Butt-Weld Fittings -Seamless & Welded
  • Forged Fittings –Threaded & Socket-Weld
  • Flanges


We are 'Exclusive Representative' of De Jong Combustion/ R&V Engineering in India.

De Jong Combustion and R&V Engineering can assist you and offer an extensive range of tailor-made industrial burner systems and auxiliary equipment. They have a long history in developing, engineering, designing, manufacturing and commissioning of industrial burner systems. Our goal is simple: to supply the best burner solutions in a customized way.

De Jong Combustion and R&V Engineering use worldwide experience, partnerships and state of the art technology to meet your stringent requirements, always complying with relevant codes and regulations. Burner systems are used in power plants, utility companies, refineries, chemical corporations, food, paper and other major industries throughout the world. Main customers are renowned HRSG (Heat Recovery Steam Generator) vendors and boiler makers.

In addition to the supply of our complete burner systems including required auxiliaries, they can assist you with all combustion-related enquiries and issues. For example, they also offer advice, studies, retrofits, spare parts, field services, inspection and maintenance services.

De Jong Combustion and R&V Engineering are your independent partner in combustion technology. 160 years of combustion knowledge and experience leads to safe, reliable, sustainable and efficient solutions.

Products Offered

  • Circular duct burners for supplementary or fresh air firing of gaseous and liquid fuels.
  • Grid duct burners for supplementary or fresh air firing of gaseous fuels
  • Duct burners for process applications
  • Low-NOx burners for firing gas-oil in fired / conventional boilers
  • Gas/oil burners for utility boilers
  • Burners for low caloric gases like Blast Furnace Gas


  • Incinerators/oxidizers
  • Start-up/load burners for Fluidized Bed
  • Air (re-)heaters


We are 'Exclusive Representative' of IGEMA- Measurement and Control Systems in India.

Measurement and control systems have been developed, produced and installed worldwide for over 100 years with the IGEMA trademark.

IGEMA offer you a complete range of technologies and products for the safe and economical operation of your plant. In particular in the steam and condensate sector. IGEMA take care of both the modernisation of steam boilers, that are equipped with mature mechanical technology, and of new plants that operate with innovative, future-orientated electronic solutions.

IGEMA products are used everywhere where steam energy is generated and processed for industrial manufacture. IGEMA’s strength lies in the area of installations with high pressures and temperatures.

Among IGEMA’s clientele are both original equipment manufacturers from the plant construction industry, planning companies and also operators of steam boilers in a variety of different sectors such as e.g.: power stations, refineries, chemical companies, paper mills, food manufacturers, sugar producers, tyre manufacturers, shipping companies, breweries, hospitals.

Products Offered

  • Mechanical Level Control
  • Electronic Level Control
  • Condensate Control
  • Control of Water Quality in Steam Boiler
  • Valves
  • Break Test System
  • Offboard- Diagnostic Systems
  • Truck Trailer Interface
  • Electronic Solutions with System


  • Development
  • Prototyping
  • Production
  • Calibration/ Test
  • Customer Service